From A38 North ------- Derby, A50 & M1

 From A38 South ------- Lichfield & A5  


  North/West ------ A50,  Stoke & M6

 South/East ------ Ashby & Coalville  


 From A42/M42

If you are coming on any other road I assume that you know where you are!


This is the road between the North and South A38 junctions.

  From A38 South Junction

Leave A38 in the direction of Burton. The road from the A38 roundabout is a dual carriageway, the A5121.

Keep on the A5121, take third exit at next roundabout, you should then bend left onto a straight bit and see the Marmite factory on your left, although they have just (Jan 2014) demolished the water tower with the name on. At the next roundabout go left on the B5017, which is Shobnall Road. Then follow Common Bit below.

 From A38 North Junction

Leave A38 in the direction of Burton. Go straight across the first two roundabouts. The next roundabout is where the A511 crosses the A5121, go straight across on the A5121. Go straight on at the traffic lights and then get into the right hand lane for the next lights.  If you go left in error you find yourself going past the Railway Station - turn round! Once through them get into the left hand lane in order to turn left at the next lights, still on the A5121. At the next roundabout turn right onto the B5017, Shobnall Road. Then follow Common Bit below.


Since this crosses the A5121, the simplest route is to follow the relevant bit of A38 North above.

If coming from the North or West, this is the first roundabout you come to in Burton, turn right on the A5121.

If from the South or East, you will cross the Trent on the old bridge. Once over the bridge carry straight on through all the traffic lights until you meet the roundabout on the A5121, where you turn left.

OR immediately before the old bridge turn left at the traffic lights onto the A444, which brings you to the roundabout at the end of the new bridge. Turn right over the bridge and follow A444 below.


This brings you into Burton at the roundabout at the end of the new bridge. Go across the bridge on the A5189 (up until 14/04/11 I had never seen this number on a sign, now it is painted on the road at the next but one roundabout), take the centre lane, (past Tesco on your left), to go straight across at the roundabout at the other end. Then get into the left hand lane which is a separate lane bypassing the next roundabout (ASDA on your right), still on the A5189. Go straight through the traffic lights, straight over at the next roundabout, over the railway to a roundabout on the A5121. Go straight over onto the B5017, which is Shobnall Road, then follow Common Bit below.

Common Bit

Very shortly after the A5121 roundabout is another roundabout, take the left lane round to the third exit which is still Shobnall Road (effectively straight on). Go past the Marina on your left, then Marstons Brewery main entrance, also on your left. The Club is the next entrance on the left. It is in a line of railings and is not too easy to spot. It is opposite a road called Price Court. If you go under the A38 turn round!

We do put a sign for the Jazz Club on the entrance railings, but it is not too visible.


How to find us at



Select Price Court, DE14 2BX,

as your destination,.

It is opposite the club's gate.

The club's postcode is a PO Box in the sorting office three miles away!


Shobnall Marina is on Shobnall Road.

Turn left out of the Marina, go past the brewery main entrance,

and the club is next left.


Turn left out of the station, a short walk brings you to the latter part of A5121 from A38 North Junction (see below).

About a mile from Station to club.